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3-Level Progression

Tier-1 Mindset offers a purposeful progression that is custom made for your craft.  Our programs use periodization to moderate intensity, load, and duration of mental skills.  During level 1, learn the basic fundamentals in a controlled environment.  In level 2, you will build and develop the skills and techniques.  Level 3 will coach you on applying the methods to your specialty in training situations.  Each level includes a workbook and a 4 week program.  This systematic framework is designed to help you achieve a sustainable Tier-1 Mindset.


This block addresses the basic principles of a performance driven, Tier-1 mindset.  Building self-awareness through education is paramount to success.  Clients will identify strengths and weaknesses, and lay the groundwork for a strong and stable foundation. 

Level 1, Foundations includes:

  • A 4 week program and workbook that guides clients on a journey of self-reflection. 

  • Clients will be asked to train for 10-minutes a day on specific mental components.



This block teaches two essential components of mental conditioning: 1) Performance enhancement, and 2) Cognitive skill development.

  • The performance enhancement component provides user friendly techniques such as imagery, focus, and breathe control drills that help you gain a mental edge over your competitor. 

  • The cognitive skill development component sharpens your mental horsepower on specific elements of cognition, such as memory and processing speed which are highly useful for efficiently recalling important data.

Level 2, Skills includes:

  • A 4 week program and workbook that guides clients through the development of specific skills for only 15 minutes of practice per day.

High School Basketball Game


This block integrates the skills and techniques learned from Level 1 and 2 into the client's environment.  Whether you are an athlete, coach, or a member of a tactical or corporate organization, this block is designed to teach you how and when to apply the techniques to your specialty. 

Level 3 Application includes:

  • A 4 week program and workbook that is designed for users to integrate into their workspace - before, during, and after training, practice, presentations, or meetings. 

  • Opportunities for integrated coaching sessions (i.e. during training) are available.

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