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Goal Setting - 30 day Challenge

It's amazing when you put an idea to paper and pen, what could potentially come from it. Just by releasing the idea and moving it from a thought in your brain to the paper can begin the next step towards achieving it. You take that specific goal that was once stored in your mind and you begin the journey towards commitment. Once you can see it on paper, you become more likely to put forth the effort towards attaining that specific action plan. Very similar to a to-do list, you become more likely to take short-term steps towards a larger outcome.

Every athlete or tactical client that I've worked with has incorporated some form of a mental training log into their regimen. This could be logging training sessions/workouts/etc., while including the mental and emotional components of that session. It's a daily process that is reflective and disciplined.

Determine your 30 day program - choose goals that are personal (family, training program, nutrition) and/or professional (career). After each session (or work day), review how it went (i.e. good, better, how?). Follow a framework when setting specific and measurable

goals (i.e. SMART guidelines) to ensure you are setting yourself up for success. Finally, always check in with yourself and journal your 30 days. Make this part of your routine so that it becomes a training habit. You'll be able to identify sustains and improves, gaps in training, and themes related to recovery and tapering.

Last small detail. It sounds trivial but decorate the journal with images of things that are important to you. For example, if you have children and one of your goals is to spend more quality time with them - put a picture of you and them on the journal. If you are training for a marathon or trying to break a personal record - put an image of association with that goal (i.e. race logo, runner, PR number). This helps you stay connected to your purpose and your "why". It allows you to visualize what is more important in your life right now. Adapt and modify as you move forward, and most importantly - enjoy what you are doing!

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