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Mindfulness for Life

Sometimes you just need a little pause. That pause could apply to physical training, stress management at home, or at work. Regardless of your goals and your profession or sport, mindfulness can be a game changer for brain health and wellness. Not only that, but it changes the playing field in regards to performance enhancement.

Simply taking a pause during any "break in action" can reset the nervous system and allow one to think more clearly. Alertness and focus increase, while stress, panic, and anxiety decrease. If you are an athlete: practice this technique during your recovery periods in training. Nasal breathing only and do your your best not to exaggerate the breathing (i.e. no weird facial expressions or raised shoulders). I always tell athletes - there is a right way to breath (reset the nervous system) and there is a wrong way to. Just like there is a right way to deadlift, and there is a wrong way which typically results in injury or inefficient movement. The same goes for breathing.

Apps such as headspace, calm, simple habit, and 10% Happier have made it easier than ever to incorporate this practice into your daily routine. Not enough time to implement 5-10/minutes a day? Start with 2 minutes in the morning before you get out of bed, and 2 minutes at night before you close you eyes.

Give it a try for 10 days and journal your experience as you go. If you are an athlete, include this in your training log. #happybreathing

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